Product Code: KIT-SR06-26308261


This SAWO cedar glass front sauna is approximately 2m X 2m containing our classic cedar L-type benching and an 8kw Wall Tower Heater with a seperate control panel.

The glass design gives your house interior a more spacious look. All accessories are made from cedar: contour pillow, bucket, ladle, sandtimer, hygro-thermometer, signs.  Outdoor roof option available.

The Tower heater is best described as a “sauna stone pillar”. The design is developed to produce steam or the heat of the sauna from the lowest to the highest part of the sauna room.

Add fragrance and carefully throw water on your sawo sauna stones for ´löyly´. The evaporating hot steam that rises from the sauna heater ´kiuas´.

SAWO sauna rooms are made from the finest Cedar and designed with the touch of Finnish traditions and know-how.

´löyly´: the Finnsh name for the evaporating hot steam that rises from heater. ´kiuas´: sauna heater.

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