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Want to build your own sauna – or have a builder in mind – we can show you how and provide you with EVERYTHING you need. Tell us what size you want and we can give you a quote for the whole pack.

  • SAWO Finland Aluminium Moisture paper
  • Insulation
  • SAWO Finland specialised 13.8mm cladding
  • SAWO Finland specialised 20mm benching
  • Bench framing
  • Brad gun
  • Stainless steel brads and screws
  • SAWO Finland Full glass Sauna door 690 x 1890
  • SAWO Finland Sauna stove
  • Peritodite Sauna stones
  • Vent
  • Accessories i.e. bucket, ladle, hygro/thermometer, sandtimer and fragrance.
  • Full set of instructions and video training by the most experienced Sauna builders in New Zealand.
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