6kW TOWER ROUND requires digital controls PREMIUM SAWO SAUNA HEATER NS

Product Code: ST-TH3-60NS-P-C


SAWO Tower Round 6.0kW NS will maximize the free space in your sauna room as it is placed in corner. Design of the heater allows more flexibility with sauna room designing especially when available space is limited.

Interface and Power Controller sold separately. Contact us for assistance.

Elegant SAWO Tower Round Heater 6.0kw NS (requires external controls) i.e. Power Controller and either the Innova V2 or Innova Stainless Control panel. Not included.

Size: 5m³ – 8m³
Heater dimensions : 260x260x1300mm

Tower heaters are with heating element spacer that makes heating-up faster as it improves the air circulation inside the heater and prolongs the life of the heating elements. Requires  60-70kg SAWO sauna stones, power controller and interface (not included).
Elements: 3 X TH200 (2.0kW)

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