Product Code: ACC-340-D


SAWO CEDAR 4 Litre BUCKET with plastic insert included.

A bucket and ladle is essential for creating the authentic sauna experience.

Saunas are a traditional practice in Finland, so it’s only fitting to use traditional equipment to complete the experience. Our SAWO wooden buckets and ladles are created from natural wood, so know that each one is one-of-a-kind.

A form-fitting plastic insert holds the water firmly. This design maximizes the durability and extends the life of your cedar bucket.

Just pour 1/2 or 1 ladle of water on the SAWO sauna rocks of your sauna heater and feel the steam. (Too much water cools the rocks and lowers the temp which kills the steam).

When not in use, store all your SAWO sauna accessories at floor level.

Size: 4 Litre capacity

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