6kW CUBOS with base power controller requires Saunova 2.0 Interface PREMIUM SAWO SAUNA HEATER Ni2

Product Code: ST-CUB3-60Ni2-P-C


CUB3-60Ni2 CUBOS is a 3 in 1 heater! It can be placed in the MIDDLE, CORNER or WALL of the sauna.
Sauna size: 3m³ – 6m³
Heater dimensions: 300(W) X 300(D) X 930(H)mm
Ni2 Heaters require SAUNOVA 2.0 Interface (not included).

Smart heat controlling that alternately switch off a heating element when set temperature is reached. This process will save energy and reduces temperature fluctuations that keeps heating elements to work in a balance pace.

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Requires 75kg 4 x boxes SAWO sauna stones R-990 (not included).

Elements: 3 X ARI150 (1.5kW)

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